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We are using Rebex Exchange Web Services to access client mailboxes.
Using EWS natively, you can access Public Folders (I've been told).
How can we achieve the same using Rebex's offering for Exchange Web Services.

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail
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Thank you for your question. The current EWS beta from labs.rebex.net does not support it, but my colleague is already working on adding this feature and we will get back to you with a new EWS beta version most probably tomorrow.
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Rebex Secure Mail 2016 R1 now officially supports Exchange Web Services (EWS client). Accessing Public folders is supported in 2016 R1.

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EWS client including Public folders support has been released as part of Rebex Secure Mail version 2016 R1.
For more details see our blogpost.

Hi, here is a new beta build with the Public Folders support. It is accessible as a EwsFolder, so basically Ews.GetFolderInfo(EwsFolderId.PublicFoldersRoot) or Ews.GetFolderId(EwsSpecialFolder.PublicFoldersRoot) are start points to go. Please note that you have to have correct access rights on your Exchange server to access the Public Folders.

Please note that since we are still working on the EWS support in Rebex Secure Mail component, the API is slightly changed from the build published on our labs page. Search support is also added in this build, but not fully tested. If you have licence to Rebex Secure Mail and want to use non-trial version of this beta build, please let us know on support@rebex.net .