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Is it possible to creates the new subfolder of the special exchange class ('IPF.Note') in an exchange folder ?


Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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we are sorry. You can create subfolders using Rebex EWS, but you cannot specify "special exchange class" for it.
All newly created subfolders will be of the 'IPF.Note' class, which is default.

Sample of creating subfolders:

var ews = new Ews();
var inboxId = ews.GetFolderId(EwsSpecialFolder.Inbox);
var testId = ews.CreateFolder(inboxId, "Test");
var subTestId = ews.CreateFolder(testId, "Test-sub");
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not always IPF.Note class, but depending on the type of parent folder
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Thank you for the clarification how exchange server treats new subfolders.