Connecting to an Exchange 2010 Shared Mailbox using IMAP

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asked Sep 8, 2014 by TheRealPopeye (740 points)
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I'm having trouble connecting to an Exchange 2010 shared mailbox using IMAP. I have tried specifying Domain\Username\AliasOfSharedMailbox but just get "AUTHENTICATE failed (NO)." in response. I can successfully connect to the user's own mailbox with Domain\UserName, but can't figure out how to connect to the Shared mailbox. Am I missing something obvious?

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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answered Sep 8, 2014 by Lukas Pokorny (126,910 points)
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Please try using slash characters ('/') instead of backslash characters ('\').

Also, make sure that you are using Rebex Secure Mail 2014 R2 or later (or let me know if you absolutely can't upgrade for some reason).

These forms are supported in 2014 R2 (and both are equivalent):

imap.Login("Domain/Username/AliasOfSharedMailbox", password);
imap.Login("Username@Domain/AliasOfSharedMailbox", password);

(Where imap is a connected instance of Imap object and password is Username's password.)

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answered Sep 8, 2014 by TheRealPopeye (740 points)
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Lukas, my company purchased a single developer license for RebexSecureMail-Full-1.0.4086.0-DotNet4.0 back in November 2011, so we are certainly not using the one you say will work - Are we eligible for a free upgrade to the 2014 R2 release, or is this something we will have to purchase. I tried to download from the link you provided but don't have the detail of Serial number or the original purchaser's email address etc. How else can I get this release? Thanks John

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answered Sep 9, 2014 by Lukas Pokorny (126,910 points)
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You should actually be able to authenticate with 1.0.4086.0 as well using the following code that tricks the Imap object to sending what the server expects:

imap.Login(AliasOfSharedMailbox\0Domain/Username, password);

You are eligible for one year of free upgrades, which means you can download 2012 R3 (I will send the lost info to your e-mail), but not 2014 R2, unfortunately.

commented Sep 12, 2014 by TheRealPopeye (740 points)
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Lukas, Many thanks for the suggested workaround of tricking the Imap object into sending what the server expects, this works perfectly. If anybody else comes to read this thread, just for clarity; the "\0" in the string below as per Lukas's reply is a literal null (Ascii character zero) in the middle of the username string.

imap.Login(AliasOfSharedMailbox\0Domain/Username, password);

So for example in C# use something like this;

thisImap.Login(sharedMailboxAlias.Text + "\0" + userName.Text, password.Text);