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asked Jul 18, 2010 by eirelav (220 points)
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Our company uses Rebex with C# to put and get files to servers. I am in a situatuion though where I now need to download many files from the server I ftp into. In other words if there are 40 files in a certain directory I need to download all of them. Is their a way to do this using Rebex? With intellesense I only see Get and Put commands for file transfer. I looked online at the rebex documentation and they showed some commands for transfer of multiple files:

However I am thinking that our current version of Rebex is a few years old as with intellisense I do not see a GetFiles or PutFiles command.

So is their a way to do this using just the Get command? I am open to other suggestions.


Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL
commented Jul 19, 2010 by eirelav (220 points)
I noticed the Version of the DLL at work is 2005.

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answered Jul 19, 2010 by Martin Vobr (12,950 points)
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The GetFiles and PutFiles methods were introduced to FTP in version 3.0.3300.0 at 2009-01-14.

To download the latest version just login to and download the latest version. If your company have a valid support contract you'll be able to download the latest version immediately. If your support contract has already expired you'll see a link for support contract renewal. The renewal cost is now about 1/3 of full license price per year. Or contact for help.

Alternatively, you can use a combination of GetList, GetFile and PutFile methods to implement multi-file download - check out the source code of the ConsoleClient sample (GetDir and PutDir methods) for a sample implementation.

commented Jul 19, 2010 by eirelav (220 points)
Yes you are correct thank you!