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Hi folks,

I have a VB .NET application that creates a telnet session to a Tandem (HP NonStop) running Guardian Operating System. The app allows the user to run several pre defined commands and displays the results.

In the last couple of months we have been asked to look at the posiblilty of moving all connections to SSH rather than Telnet. Not a problem for our developers (our emulator - Outsideview - supports ssh) but unfortunatley with our .NET app it isn't so easy!

Anyway, I am looking around for a .NET SSH API that I can plug into our existing .NET app and I am wondering if your API supports Tandem 6530 emulation? We need to be able to run Guardian TACL commands via the .NET app so the *nix like inteface supported by free SSH APIs are not suitable.



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Tandem 6530 is not currently supported due to its distinct set of escape sequences, but we can add support for it with your help just as we added Pick and Wyse 60 support in the past.

If you can provide us with a temporary test account on a Tandem OS, it would be the easiest way. Otherwise please use our WinFormClient sample, enable recording (Tools->Start recording), connect to a Tandem and do some work. When you exit the session, please send us the recorded session for analysis.

If you have any Tandem escape sequence specification, it would be very useful for us as well.

Also, you can try to connect with the WinFormClient sample to your Tandem in ANSI Mode (one of Tandem’s three CONV/BLOCK/ANSI). Maybe it will work without any problems.

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Hi Lukas, Thanks for coming back to me on this.

I have downloaded the sample/trial app and am able to connect to the Tandem via ssh. However, the client is gving me a unix style interface so I am unable to run any TACL commands (they are not recognised).

I have recorded the session for you, so if you give me an Email address I will mail it over.

Also, you can try to connect with the WinFormClient sample to your Tandem in ANSI Mode.

I am not sure how to connect in ANSI mode.. can you tell me where I can set this option in WinFormClient?



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ps, we have not yet been given the OK to buy any product, so perhaps it's a little early to be making changes specifically for us!