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When we try one of your sample programs to connect to two of our IBM terminals: one of it works and the other does not connect, which works fine when we connect through a Reflection for IBM version 8.00 emulator.

Sample program tried: Telnet_CS/ TelnetSimpleWinFormClient_CS (This is provided as part of your trial pack, I just input my hostnames - No change in code whatsoever)

Works fine for: IBM 5250 Terminal (Model ID : 3179-2) Does not work for: IBM 3270 (Model ID: Model 2, 24X80 Extended)

Could you please let me know where the issue might be? or Should I be adding any addition properties for the second connection?

Note: the example uses Rebex.TerminalEmulation.TelnetTerminalControl.

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Supported terminals are VTxxx, Pick, xterm, SCO and Wise 60. So I am surprised that you were able to work fine with IBM 5250 terminal.

I googled for 5250 and found this in RFC 2877 - 5250 Telnet Enhancements: “With AS/400 TELNET server, several virtual device modes can be negotiated: 1) VTxxx device 2) 3270 device 3) 5250 device (includes Network Station).“ It seems that IBM 5250 automatically switched to VT compatibility when it detected that it was not communicating with 5250 terminal emulator.

We have read specifications for 3270 terminal emulator recently and we have decided not to add support for it yet (it seems to be very different protocol). Sorry.