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We're using Rebex libraries to interact with a Tandem NonStop Guardian FTP Server. The GetList() method always returns 0 files when files are present. GetRawList() does return valid results. Calling FtpItem.Parse on the raw lines returns null.

Is this an instance where we should be heading down the road of creating a custom parser?


Sample Raw LIST:

File         Code             EOF  Last Modification    Owner  RWEP  
ABCD1ABC        0             8192 28-Aug-10 09:32:57 120,108 "ncnc"  
ABCD2ABC        0             8192 28-Aug-10 09:32:57 120,108 "ncnc"  
ABCD3ABC        0             8192 28-Aug-10 09:32:57 120,108 "ncnc"  
ABCD4ABC        0             8192 28-Aug-10 09:32:57 120,108 "ncnc"  
Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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the Tandem NonStop Guardian FTP Server format is not supported yet. Writing a custom parser is one possible solution. Sample parser which processes *nix access rights can be found in Rebex FTP Console Client sample. However we'll be happy to include support for this format to the FTP component. I'll prepare a parser and will send it to you via email. The format seems to be quite straightforward. File and Last Modification fields are obvious. EOF column probably means 'file size in bytes'. Is it correct?

UPDATE: Internal Rebex FTP list parses were updated and next released version will support Tandem Guardian FTP Server list format. It will be announced in release history and blog. Thanks Terry Marinaccio for help with testing.


Support for Tandem Guardian FTP Server list format is included in Rebex FTP version 3.0.4060.0 published at 2011-02-11.

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Terry, I've mailed you a download link for updated version of Rebex FTP. Let me know if it works as expected.
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Thanks for the quick response; I will try it out and let you know. To answer your original question, yes EOF is the file size in bytes.