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Hi All!
we faced with next issue during working in Vim/Vi editor:
1)Attempt to edit a file with Vim/Vi
2)The "Home" and "End" Keyboard buttons do not work

how can we handle this?
Thank you in advance!

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The function keys such as "Home" and "End" are sending an escape sequence to the server. Unfortunately, there is plenty of possible escape sequences one function key can send. You can check FunctionKeysMode enumeration for possible options supported by Rebex Terminal.

The default value is FunctionKeysMode.CommonExtended, but it seems your Vim/Vi editor is not compatible with it. Please try to use other FunctionKeysMode. You can start with FunctionKeysMode.Linux or FunctionKeysMode.LinuxAlternative, which are common alternatives to the default value. It can be set like this:

terminal.Options.FunctionKeysMode = FunctionKeysMode.Linux;