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We have an issue with building Rebex.Terminal.dll via MsBuild
Here is the error

[error]***.Wpf\UserControls\SshControl.xaml(15,35): Error MC1000: Unknown build error, 'Could not find type 'zggch.vfaek' in assembly 'D:\a\1\s\Rebex\net-8.0\Rebex.Terminal.dll'. Line 15 Position 35.'

We use TerminalControl in SshControl.xaml like this:

This code can be built and run locally in VS but generates the error with MSBuild on pipelines.
Could toy suggest workaround for this?

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The "zggch.vfaek" type name is only declared in Rebex.Termimal.dll v7.08720 compiled for .NET Framework 4.6. You seem to be trying to use it with .NET 8. This indicates that you might be referencing Rebex assemblies compiled for different platforms in your project, which is not supposed to work. When targeting .NET 8, make sure that you only reference Rebex DLLs from the install package's "net-8.0" directory.

To make sure that MSBuild in Azure pipeline is working with Rebex assemblies, try building a .NET 8 version of one of the terminal emulation samples there. Make sure that they reference Rebex binaries targeting .NET 8, or reference Rebex NuGet packages instead.