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I want to do sftp connectivity via Proxy in Rebex . We are currently connecting via Machine Name/IP of it, port. And login using Credentials using Core FTP Mini Rebex Server.

I am doing my code in c#.

Sample code we use:

SftpConnectionState IsActive = null;

            if (objSFTP == null)
                objSFTP = new Sftp();

            IsActive = objSFTP.GetConnectionState();

            if (IsActive.Connected == false)
                //objSFTP.Licensing.Key = "==ApbIJxV1+c9p5QQYwR9ploBirbrUgloOeUjvKm6PrjeY==";
                objSFTP.Connect(Common.SFTP_IP, Common.SFTP_PORT);
                objSFTP.Login(Common.SFTP_USERNAME, Common.SFTP_PASSWORD);
Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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Please check out the sample code and use properties of objSFTP.Proxy to specify proxy setting before calling objSFTP.Connect.