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Having issues getting my SSL cert from the Local Computer / Personal / Certificates loaded. Fist time trying this. I get the following error

C:\ProgramData\Rebex\BuruSftp>"c:\Program Files\Rebex Buru SFTP Server\burusftpwa" svc restart
Service RebexBuruSftpWA is stopped
Service RebexBuruSftpWA is starting
Attempt to start service RebexBuruSftpWA failed
Unexpected exception
System.InvalidOperationException: Unable to restart service.
at enxhu.fqsay.yqojd()
at enxhu.huozo.hwhpk(VerbOptionsBase p0)
at Rebex.SftpServer.AdminWeb.Program.Main(String[] args)

Config as below.

Bindings the web administration will use for incoming HTTP/HTTPS connections.

# listen for HTTP requests on localhost:8880 (this is the default binding)
- hostname: eur-qavosftp01.emea.XXXXXX-XXXXXX.com
port: 8880

# listen for HTTPS requests on, load SSL certificate from file

- hostname:

port: 443


filePath: C:\cert.pfx

password: "secretPasswordForCertificate"

# listen for HTTPS requests on wa.mydomain.com:443 (IP address will be resolved on startup), load SSL certificate from Certificate store
- hostname: eur-qavosftp01.emea.XXXXXX-XXXXXX.com
port: 443
storeName: Personal
thumbprint: 5ef6cbb47b9e86d3c5771439816c66045f73d8e1

Applies to: Buru SFTP Server

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