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[Error] Session 82: Error while processing packet: tbdon.zutlw: Received invalid packet.
at tbdon.xxknx.wwcyp(Byte[] p0, Int32 p1, Int32 p2)
at tbdon.bzpik.sbhhf()
at tbdon.bzpik.bgqpw(Int32 p0, Int32 p1, Int32 p2, Int32 p3, SocketException p4)

Applies to: Buru SFTP Server
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Hello, which version of Rebex FTP/SSL (or rather Rebex SFTP?) does this error come from?
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Rebex Buru SFTP Server 2.7.1

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Hi, unless the error occurs frequently it is safe to ignore it. The error is usually caused by client or network issue. We plan to decrease the error level of this kind of message to Warning (from Error).