How to import users to Buru SFTP Server from another system

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asked Mar 18 by Rebex KB (8,430 points)

We are migrating from another SFTP server to Buru SFTP Server and we need to transfer a lot of user accounts without necessity of changing password.

User accounts are now in an ODBC database and passwords are stored as MD5 hashes there.

Is there any way (or an external tool) to do it?

Applies to: Buru SFTP Server

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answered Mar 18 by Jan Sotola (17,670 points)
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There is no special tool, but you can achieve it with multiple calls of burusftp user add command. See more on this documentation page.

Just export your users (their usernames, hashes and salts) to a shell script and run the script on your Buru SFPT Server machine.

Example of the script:

burusftp user add user1 --password-hash salt-first,0x1055d3e698d289f2af8663725127bd4b,0xa0392fed 
burusftp user add user2 --password-hash salt-first,0x1234d3e698d289f2af8abc372127987f,0x88ab0802