EWS support for Contact, Appointment and Task

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asked Apr 6, 2020 by Martin Martinsson (750 points)


your library for EWS supports a typed mail message, but no typed contact item, task and appointment (calender item). I read your recommendation in your docs to parse the XML of my own.

Please, when you find time, support this in the future so we must not read and parse xml data.

That's no problem generally speaking but very ugly as a end user.

Your EWS library is very fast and easy to set up, so i prefer it to the original Microsoft's .NET library.
But without the other types it seems to be very unfinished.

(owner of Rebex Total Pack)

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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answered Apr 7, 2020 by admin (140 points)

Hello Martin,
thanks for the praise for speed and easy of use of Rebex EWS library.

In 2018 Microsoft announced that Exchange Web Services will no longer receive feature updates and that they recommend to migrate to Microsoft Graph. Based on Microsoft's track record on backward compatibility, we believe EWS is not going away any time soon and might be still around in 10 years, but unfortunately, we don't know for sure.

Due to this uncertainty, we will continue supporting and enhancing our EWS library, but we currently have no plans to add major new features such as adding typed contact items, tasks or appointments. Sorry!

However, there is a way how to get it supported. We can develop it for you under Custom Development Services. Email us at support@rebex.net and let us know which feature subset you need so we can make you an offer.

commented Apr 7, 2020 by Martin Martinsson (750 points)

thanks for your reply.

I didn't know that EWS will be discontinued. Good to know ;-)

I fully understand your decision.

I am almost finished with my implementation by parsing the XML with the
 XmlDocument class (complex schema btw.), but i thought to add it to your EWS library would be generally good. Now it makes sense that it was "forgotten".