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As doing since years, I've downloaded the latest full version from my account.

Then I've installed it to the standard location.

After that, I'm directly copying the binaries from this location to my application:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Rebex Components 2019 R4.2\bin\net-4.6

Still a test user of our application reports getting the error:

Trial license key for Rebex.Ftp not set. Please go to https://www.rebex.net/support/trial-key.aspx to get one and start your 30-day trial period.

Stack trace:

at Rebex.Net.Ftp.whyo(String eu, Int32 ev, TlsParameters ew, SslMode ex, FtpSecureUpgradeType ey)
at ZetaProducerPublishing.Runtime.Protocols.FtpProtocol.FtpEngine.<DoOpen>b__32_0() 

My question:

Did anything change in the way of getting and using the binaries?

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Hello, we have not changed our trial license key checking code for a long time.

If your test users are getting "Trial license key Rebex.Ftp not set" error, the most likely explanation is that they really use the trial version.

Please make sure that Rebex.Ftp.dll at C:\Program Files (x86)\Rebex Components 2019 R4.2\bin\net-4.6 is actually the full version - see this forum post for instructions.

If everything seems right, please make sure there is no trial copy of Rebex.Ftp.dll in Global Assembly Cache.

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Thanks, the checking says "Full", so I do think, I actually use the full version. I've now additionally generated a NuGet key and set it via "Rebex.Licensing.Key = ...". I hope, this is safe enough now.
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Well, if you can produce an executable that links to a "Full" version of "Rebex.Ftp.dll" and yet fails with "Trial license key Rebex.Ftp not set" error, please ZIP it and mail it to us for analysis.