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On our Scanners we are getting the below error message -

Comms Error, Check Synchronization
Connect FTP error : Trial version of Rebex FTP for .NET has expired. Please consider registering at http://www.rebex.net/
Error Connecting to Host, Check IP Address"

Workaround we found was to change the date on the scanner back to 2019.

Can you please let us know why the error and what needs to be done to fix the error so that we can set the correct date on our scanners.

Samir Doshi

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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This actually looks like your scanners have been using a trial version of Rebex FTP for a long time, and someone somewhere has been periodically renewing the 30-day trial period until recently.

Have you or the scanner software vendor purchased a Rebex FTP license? I'm unable to find you in our customer database, so please contact support@rebex.net to sort this out!

In the meantime, adding this code to the application will enable a 30-day trial period starting today:

Rebex.Licensing.Key = "==Al5Gzv8j5BLqeZ4HK1AsMq4gybA2QVFaoEDHahPJ0R/4==";

Update: The wording of the trial expiration error message looked unfamiliar at first, but I have since learned that we have been using that wording in versions released in 2011 and before. Interestingly, the error message was only present in the trial version, and was missing from the full (purchased) version. This indicates that your scanners have indeed been using a very old 30-day trial version of Rebex FTP.