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I am using this forum as I didn't get any response to my mail to sales@rebex.net

I already have Rebex SFTP license.
I now need SSH client.
I see that this component is not available separately.
How much does it cost me to get an update for SSH client
1) With SFTP license valid
2) With SFTP license expired

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The SSH client is included in Rebex Terminal Emulation component.

Option 1 - SSH Pack - better and cheaper
Upgrade to Rebex SSH Pack. It includes SFTP client, SSH client in Terminal Emulation component, SSH/SFTP server component.

Upgrade price is $539 (with active support for SFTP) or $764 (with expired support).

Option 2 - separate Terminal Emulation + renewal of SFTP
Purchase a separate Terminal Emulation license. You might also need to renew your SFTP client license, because both components shares several common libraries and you have to use the same version of those common libs.

Current price for Terminal Emulation is $699.
Current Renewal price for SFTP is $174 (active support) or $349 (expired support).

Quote and purchase link

I'm also resendig the quote to your email with same info and with active purchase link.