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We are considering using TerminalControl in our application as built-in SSH/Telnet client.

The application’s toolbar toolbar has a Copy button that would allow copying the selected text into the Windows Clipboard. But it seems that the TerminalControl doesn’t have an event that would get fired when selection changes. So because of that the only way the Copy button could be updated is by making periodical GetSelectedText() method call. This would be rather bad and wasteful approach.

So my question is there any way to receive notifications from a TerminalControl instance about selected text changes?

Thanks, Yury

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Actually the selected text is copied to the Windows Clipboard immediately when the Left Mouse Button goes up (it is the same behaviour as the PuTTY do). So the Copy button is not neccessary at all.

However the SelectionChanged event is a good idea. It will be added in the next release. Thank you for the suggestion.


TerminalControl.SelectionChanged event was added in Release 2012 R1.