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Does NTP synchronization have proxy support? If not, is that planned?


Applies to: Rebex Time

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no, Rebex.Net.Ntp doesn't support proxies, sorry.

The NTP uses UDP as transport protocol to make it more accurate than running over TCP/IP. Using proxy goes against this intention, because there will be small slowdown and therefore accuracy will decrease. Since NTP is only protocol running UDP which Rebex supports and no one ever asked for this we don't have an implementation of UDP proxy.

However, it would be easy to add Proxy settings for TCP/IP protocols. If you would use other time synchronization protocols such as TIME or DAYTIME (they are included in Rebex Time and can use TCP/IP), we can add support for Proxy setting for them easily. Just let us know.

Actually, why do you need to use proxy? Why cannot you configure a router to route UDP packets where necessary?

Using proxy has 2 drawbacks:
1. you have to configure all clients instead one router
2. accuracy will decrease

If you really need to use proxy, please:
1. describe your situation (architecture)
2. which proxy you would like to use and what is the protocol it uses (probably SOCKS5?)

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Thanks for your detailed answer! Let me first check whether our customer can live with configuring the router.