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I'm a developer evaluating the Rebex .NET FTP pack, and one of our requirements is to support a FTP proxy which does not seem to be one of the built-in supported versions. The authentication sequence looks like this:

USER ProxyUser@FtpHost
PASS ProxyPassword
USER FtpUser
PASS FtpPassword

I was able to successfully connect using the following code:

Ftp ftp = new Ftp();
ftp.Connect(proxyHost, proxyPort);
ftp.Login(proxyUser + "@" + ftpHost + ":" + ftpPort.ToString(), proxyPass);
ftp.Login (ftpUser, ftpPass);

However, this seems a little cumbersome if we also want to use the built-in proxy mechanisms. My question is whether there is a supported means for extending the built-in Ftp Proxy support?

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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The feature has been added to the Rebex FTP/SSL component Version 2012 R2.

When connecting through the proxy server described in your question, please use the new proxy type FtpProxyType.FtpDoubleLogin.

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Thanks! This seems to work great.

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Several customers have been using this authentication sequence successfully for years and it will work in the future releases as well.

But it's true that this seems cumbersome. There is currently no means for extending the build-in proxy support (there was no need for it precisely because of the possibility of other workarounds). However, since this double-Login sequence seems to be the only one missing from existing proxy support, we'll add support for it in one of the next releases (and add a corresponding value to FtpProxyType enum).

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!