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Does Rebex FTP/SSL component support ProxySG? I was able to connect via ProxySG with FileZilla client following this tutorial.

Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL

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connecting to an FTP server via ProxySG proxy is possible with Rebex FTP component. The protocol for ProxySG corresponds to the following FTP commands:

USER %userName@%host %proxyUser
PASS %password
ACCT %proxyPassword

Practically you Connect to the proxyHost first and then use Login method like this:

                string host = "ftp.company.com";
                string userName = "user";
                string password = "pass";

                string proxyUser = "proxyUser";
                string proxyPassword = "proxyPass";
                string proxyHost = "proxyHost";

                Ftp ftp = new Ftp();

                // connect to the proxy server

                // create username in the special format "username@host proxyUser"
                string user = string.Format("{0}@{1} {2}", userName, host, proxyUser);

                // login with the specially created username
                // provide password as 2nd and proxyPassword as 3rd argument to the Login method
                ftp.Login(user, password, proxyPassword);

                //do work