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I'va got a problem with a application.

In the LOG-File I have the following message every 2 Minutes....

Rebex.Net.ImapException: Another operation is pending.[ at Rebex.Net.Imap.bNVhrT() at Rebex.Net.Imap.AWHufE() at Rebex.Net.Imap.GetConnectionState() at fj.ea(String A0, String A1, String A2, Boolean A3) at g8.c(String A0, String A1, Int64 A2) at g8.i() at ib.h.av(Object A0, DoWorkEventArgs A_1)];

Can anybody help me?

Many thanks n regards

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

1 Answer

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This exception is raised when a tread is trying to perform an operation on the Imap object while the other operation is still in progress.

It means, that you are calling methods on the Imap object from multiple threads concurrently, which is not supported scenario.

A thread have to wait until the previous operation is finished, then the thread can call another operation.

So, the problem is synchronization of your asynchronous calls.