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HI there, I'm still learning VB I am interested in using your sftp library in some of my stuff, I downloaded your code demo for visual basic but if seems to be a little broken - all the awaits are lacking a getawaiter method, is this just an oversight or has something change in VB (using visual studio 2015)

Not done much with await as yet so this has confused me a little

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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what is the version of your installed .NET framework and your target platform?

I have tested the VB versions of Rebex sample projects that target target standard .NET 4.0 (samples from the "vs2012-net-4.0" folder) and .NET 4.5 version (e.g. samples from the "vs2012-net-4.5" folder) and they atually both work and compile fine.

If you still experience the problem, please share more details with us(your target platform, your .NET version, the sample that does not compile) so that we can look into this issue.