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We have written an application for our internal use to upload and download files using SFTP and FTPs protocol.

This application was created using your product “File Transfer Pack” trial version.

We are now looking to purchase the license for "Rebex File Transfer Pack .NET component suite".

Please guide us on the correct version of the product to purchase.

This application will run on 2 PCs

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How can we send you receipt of other FTP tool, which we had purchased,  to get discount? Please provide me email where i will send you that receipt copy and please confirm how much discount you will give us for "FileTransfer Pack" sdk for single Developer.
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You can send it to support@rebex.net
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Competitive upgrade (switching to Rebex from another component vendor):

15% discount if you paid between $100 and $500 for the competing product.
20% discount if you paid between $501 and $1000 for the competing product.
30% discount if you paid over $1001 for the competing product.

Qualifying requirements for the competitive upgrade:
The competing product must have been purchased in the last 18 months.
The competing product must be of the same category (file transfer component, email component, etc.).
You must purchase an equal or greater number of Rebex licenses.
You must deliver to Rebex your invoice listing the competing products, quantity, date.
The competitive upgrade rebate is not available through resellers.
The competitive upgrade rebate cannot be combined with other special offers.

See all information about upgrades and discounts at http://www.rebex.net/shop/upgrade.aspx

Send us the proof of purchase to support@rebex.net and we'll get back to you with a link to buy Rebex File Transfer Pack with the discount that you are eligible to.
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If i purchased File Transfer Pack, What should be the licence key. is order number is Licecn key or Should i Get separately Key from you
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Hi, thank you for your purchase. The full version does not require any key. Simply reference the downloaded full version binaries in your project and discard the line that sets the trial key.

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The product you need is Rebex File Transfer Pack for .NET.
Here is the purchasing page.

Our licensing is based on the number of developers that will be writing code that is using the component. So you have to choose your license version based on the number of your developers.

If you only have 1 developer, the Rebex File Transfer Pack for .NET 1-developer binary license is $599.

There is also a 5 developers license for $1399 and Company license for $4199 (allowing for an unlimited number of developers in your company).

All our licenses will allow you an unlimited number of deploys of your program to any number of computers.

Looking forward to your purchase. Let me know if you have any more questions.

See our licensing FAQ, Rebex EULA, Rebex Support Contract for more information.