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I have a run time problem to do with assembly versioning. I have created a class that has 2 seperate connections one is FTP the other SFTP. I have downloaded the FTP assembly from you 2014 R3 that has Rebex.Networking.dll (version 3.0.5466.0) but when I downloaded the SFTP 2015 R1 I noticed that it too has Rebex.Networking.dll but it's version is 3.0.5512.0 and when I run the application I get FileLoadException that has in it eg. assembley's version does not match the assembly reference. I have tried adding in Visual Studio 2010 either 3.0.5466.0 or 3.0.5512.0 to the References node but to no avail. I am using the .NET 2.0 versions of the dll's.
I do not think the iFTP interface as posted in another question will make any difference.

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With more than one Rebex component in a project, you have to use the same version of the assemblies. This means that if you use Rebex SFTP 2015 R1 and Rebex FTP/SSL 2015 R1, your application should run fine. Alternatively, you can use Rebex SFTP 2014 R3 and Rebex FTP/SSL 2014 R3.

See also: How to reconcile multiple versions purchased at different times

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Thanks for the answer my question was slightly rhetorical it is not clear on the Rebex website - should I then download/install the Total Pack ?
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Yes, you need to install one of the packs - if you only need FTP and SFTP, the right for you is Rebex File Transfer Pack. Here is the downloading link for the trial version 2015 R1:


If you need more components, the Rebex Total Pack is suitable for you:

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I agree, this should definitely be covered at http://www.rebex.net/kb/default.aspx

By the way, you can simply install both FTP and SFTP, just make sure it's the same release. Packages with the same release name are guaranteed to be compatible and can be installed alongside each other.

Also, if you currently have Rebex SFTP license and Rebex FTP/SSL license, let us know at support@rebex.net if you would like them combined into Rebex File Transfer Pack license that not only includes both FTP/SSL and SFTP, but adds a universal client API that supports both protocols - see http://www.rebex.net/file-transfer-pack/features/file-transfer-client.aspx for details.
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The reason for the fact that the assemblies had different versions is that I had already download the FTP pack about 2-3 weeks ago and used it OK but then my customer asked me to add SFTP support so I installed SFTP 2015.
I noticed today that the FTP pack is now 2015 R1 as well so I have re-installed both together and all is well.
Thanks for the tip about 'Universal FTP/SFTP client overview' but I had already developed a late binding solution for my project but I will see what works best.
Many thanks again.