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Hi we're occasionally seeing the following exception when trying to download message headers. Can you give me any insight on why we might be getting this? We are able to recover from this error by reconnecting, but I've been tasked with figuring out why this is happening.

I'm making the following call when this happens: messageHeaderList = mImapConnection.GetMessageList(set, ImapListFields.Flags | ImapListFields.UniqueId);

"set" is an ImapMessageSet with a range of 1 to (mImapConnection.CurrentFolder.TotalMessageCount but with a min value of 1 and max value 10)

--- Start Exception Stack --- Rebex.Net.ImapException: The specified message set is invalid (NO). at Rebex.Net.Imap.YT(String A, ImapResponse B, Boolean C)

at Rebex.Net.Imap.JU(ImapMessageSet A, Int32 B, UInt32 C, Boolean D, String E)

at Rebex.Net.Imap.KU(ImapMessageCollection A, ImapMessageSet B, Int32 C, UInt32 D, Boolean E, String H, Int64 I)

at Rebex.Net.Imap.JV(ImapMessageSet A, Int32 B, Boolean C, Int64 D, Int32 E)

at Rebex.Net.Imap.VV(ImapMessageSet A, ImapListFields B)

at Rebex.Net.Imap.GetMessageList(ImapMessageSet messageSet, ImapListFields fields)

at Storage.EmailService.EmailConnection.GetMessageHeaderList(ImapMessageCollection& messageHeaderList)

--- End Exception Stack --- (Storage.EmailService.EmailConnection)

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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Please create a log of communication and send it back to us for analysis. It will enable us to see what is actually going on and help you then.