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When saving an e-mail with Rebex.Secure.Mail the flag "X-Message-Flag: Follow up" is saved but not the flag status. When creating a copy of the saved mail, the status of the flag: Follow Up is no longer correct.
I have tried the mail formats .eml and .msg. With both mail formats the result is the same.
Is there a way to query and set the flag status?
Best Regards from Othmarsingen

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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Please note that Rebex.Secure.Mail saves everything the IMAP server provides.
It means all headers, keywords, etc.

You did not specify what you mean by "the status of the flag: Follow Up is no longer correct". I suppose that you mean displaying the downloaded mail message in Microsoft Outlook.

Please note that the flag status in Microsoft Outlook/Exchange is stored in various MAPI (MSG format) properties, which are unrelated to MIME and those properties are not sent over the IMAP protocol.

To say it short: Unfortunately, there is no possibility to retrieve message flag status using IMAP protocol. Please use the EWS protocol instead. It can be retrieved like this:

// connect and login
var client = new Rebex.Net.Ews();
client.Connect("server", SslMode.Implicit);
client.Login("user", "password");

// get messages
var list = client.GetMessageList(EwsFolderId.Inbox, EwsItemFields.Full);

// print flag statuses
foreach (var item in list)