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Hi, Rebex Team!

Rebex ZIP for .NET can't open archive that it made itself with following options:

Compression method: No Compression
Encryption algorithm : ZIP 2.0
Password : Any

Rebex.IO.Compression.ZipException: Invalid or corrupted ZIP archive (CorruptedArchive). ---> Rebex.IO.Compression.ZipException: Compressed length and uncompressed length differ although data is stored uncompressed (CorruptedArchive).

P.S. You can download a sample file at: http://depositfiles.com/files/7w4gk8q7p


Applies to: Rebex ZIP

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It was forgotten check from the first version of the component when we didn't use ZIP 2.0 encryption method. I've just fixed the check and released current trial build

UPDATE: This is fixed in build 1.0.4060. Please download the current version of Rebex ZIP to get it.