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When opening ZIP archive containing Extended ASCII Codes the filename result string is wrong.

For example: civiltà.png

For Each item As ZipItem In items
     If item.IsFile Then
     End If

item.Name is civilt....png

How can I resolve this issue? Thank you advance.


Applies to: Rebex ZIP
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In our testing if you create ZIP with REBEX all works fine. If you create a zip file using windows zip utility and after extract with rebex it doesn't work.

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It is a bug caused by using an invalid Encoding. It will be fixed in next version. In the meantime please use the following method as a workaround for incorrectly encoded names:

public static string FixEncoding(string text)
    Encoding cp437 = Encoding.GetEncoding(437);
    return cp437.GetString(Encoding.Default.GetBytes(text));

Thank you for pointing to this and we are sorry for any inconveniences.


The fix is part of Release 2012 R1. Default charset changed to IBM437 (used to be Encoding.Default).