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Referring to this thread:


I notice that ExtractToFile and AddFile yields a different target archive than ExtractToStream and AddFile. The ZipInfo output for the two target archives is different and some tools that recognize the ExtractToFile/AddFile target do not recognize the ExtractToStream/AddFile target.

Any thoughts?

Applies to: Rebex ZIP

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Stream-based AddFile and path-based AddFile are actually slightly different. For example, the path-based variant persists the file's creation/lastmodified/lastaccessed dates, which the stream-based variant doesn't.

However, if one produces a ZIP archive that is less compatible than the other, we will surely look into that and try to solve the issue. Would it be possible to let us know the names of the tools that don't recognize the ExtractToStream/AddFile target? Thanks!

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Thank you Tim for your help (mail conversations in the past). We were able to find the cause of the problem, why some tools don't recognize ExtractToStream/AddFile target.

It is fixed in the Version 2013 R3 released recently.

It was caused by incorrectly created NTFS extra field when adding data to an archive from stream.