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Dears please note that I got this error when trying to rename file that is decompressed using DEFLATE64 algorithm

Argument is out of range of valid values. Parameter name: count Actual value was -1. 
at shcnf.dilhs.Write(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 count)
Applies to: Rebex ZIP

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Thank you for pointing to this.

Would it be possible to share the problematic .zip file with us? I was trying to reproduce the issue, but without success.

You can send the file (or link to download) to support@rebex.net

Can you also please post here, or include in the mail, steps to reproduce the issue?
Something like this:

using (var zip = new ZipArchive(zipFileName))
    zip.Move("input.txt", "renamed.txt");

Thank you.

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Thank you for your response, I have figured out what was going on.
the file was compressed using another library , so when i used Rebex.zip it worked.
Thank you
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If I understand it correctly, the scenario was:
- Compress file with 3rd party utility using DEFLATE64.
- Renaming file in archive using Rebex ZIP causes ArgumentOutOfRangeException.

This stills points to an error in Rebex ZIP. If you can provide us with a problematic .zip file, we can fix it. Without that, I cannot reproduce the issue.