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Can you please provide an example of splitting a large file (say 50 GB) into multiple files after zipping? If you can provide the example in both VB.NET and C#, that would be appreciated. I didn't see any examples in your sample projects but your description of the Zip library says that it has "GZipDecompression stream with multiple files support".

I need to transfer a large binary file over a VPN, but need to split it in case of a connection failure, so it's easier to just copy the files that weren't sent.

Applies to: Rebex ZIP

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Hello, "GZipDecompression stream with multiple files support" is means that GZipDecompression class can decompress GZIP (.gz) files that contain multiple compressed files (which is a rare scenario).

ZIP format supports multi-file archives (a single ZIP archive split into multiple files), but Rebex ZIP doesn't support that yet.

However, if you are using Rebex ZIP at both ends, or if you don't need the ZIP file to be split in a standard-compliant way (to make it compatible with third-party unzip tools), you could use a custom wrapper stream that represents the content of multiple files as a single stream to achieve this. If you would like to give this a try, let us know - we would write and post some sample code.