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Hi just downloaded Secure Rebex. Running on Visual Studio 2010, Win 2k8 server as a hyper v machine, and everytime I run up rebex, either the sample or my code I get The license key cannot be validated.

Any ideas


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It looks like the trial version DLLs were not properly installed. This happened several times in the past and we think it might be caused by antivirus software that doesn't like what we are doing (appending a trial license key to DLLs we just installed).

This issue only affects the trial version of Rebex components, the full version does not use this kind of license key signing.

Please send an e-mail to support@rebex.net specifying which Rebex component you are interested in and we will promptly send you a link to a working version!

Sorry for inconvenience! We are going to address this issue in one of the upcoming releases.