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when renewing the license before expiration, i get the days substracted i.e.:

Renew date until 20.02.2021, renewing two weeks before, the license will expire on 06.02.2022.

So to get the full 365 days i'll have to renew on the last day, giving maybe a problem, when something goes wrong with payment or so.

Will this be fixed manually or automatically in your system?


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Hi Martin,

renewing your support contract prior its expiration date does not shorten your support contract period.
If your current support contract expires on 20.02.2021 and you buy the renewal today - your renewed support contract will be valid until 20.2.2022.
This is fixed automatically in our system, but if you experience any trouble, please do not hesitate to let us know on support@rebex.net with your license details to check and fix it manually.

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Okay! Thank you.