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I'm having an issue setting the Buru SFTP web admin portal to work with my wildcard cert.

I have it set in my server's personal cert store. I just tried adding it in to the webconfig file, and the service won't start. In Windows Services, the Rebex Buru SFTP Server Web Admin service can not start. Error 1053: service did not response to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

Through an elevated command prompt, typing "burusftpwa.exe svc restart" results in "Configuration error: While parsing a block mapping, did not find expected key."

If I comment out the lines for the cert from store, and just leave it with http/8880, the web admin service starts fine.

I know my store name and thumbprint are both okay. As a test, I commented out the lines getting the cert from the store, and used the cert's PFX file and password itself. I still get the same error messages.

Applies to: Buru SFTP Server

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Hi, this looks like YAML syntax error.

Can you post here or send us the configuration file (with sensitive information replaced)?

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Ok I checked the output, it seems that after all it boils down to a socket error (see at the bottom). Please make sure there is no other program running at port 443 or 8880 (IIS?)
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I can replicate it continually. If I add a space in front of the suppress line when it is not commented out, burusftp init fails with an error at that line. If I remove the space, burusftp init works fine in an elevated command prompt.

The webconfig.yaml file has been shared via OneDrive
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Thanks Lukas! I set the secure port to be nonstandard, since I do have something else on that server using 443. After that, I was able to start the web admin service
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I have to thank YOU for providing all this feedback! Thanks to this I can improve error reporting so future users won't have to go through such labor :)
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Regarding the whitespace - now it makes sense to me. If you add a whitespace before non-commented line, it changes the meaning of that line. Specifically, it instructs YAML to append it to the object represented by previous block in the same indentation level.