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target framework : .Net3.5
Rebex.Pop3 : 6.0.8372
Rebex.Networking : 6.0.8372

Login Parameters : username and access token

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Rebex POP3 v3.5.6821 is more than four years old and does not yet support OAuth 2.0. Please upgrade to an up-to-date version.

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Hi Lukas, thanks for answer. i used the Rebex POP3 latest version (6.0.8372) as well, still cannot login with target framework .net 3.5
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- Which mail provider are you trying to use?
- Are you trying to achieve delegated authentication (for signed-in users) or service/daemon authentication (for user-less applications)?
- Would it be possible to provide more information about the problem you are facing? Is there any exception? What does it's error message say?
- I was unable to find your company in our customers database. Please contact us at sales@rebex.net to sort this out!
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i tried once again by removing all Rebex dll references, cleaning bin folder and reinstalling latest version via nuget manager. this time i could connect and login without any errors.
thanks for the help