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I cannot compile the UWP project in release mode if I reference a version greater than 5.0.7450 of Rebex.Sftp.Full
Here is the error I get:

Error ILT0005: 'C:\Users\USER\.nuget\packages\runtime.win10-x86.microsoft.net.native.compiler\2.2.10-rel-29722-00\tools\x86\ilc\ilc.exe --gatekeeper @"C:\Users\USER\Desktop\MyProject\MyProject\MyProject.UWP\obj\x86\Release\ilc\intermediate\gkargs.rsp"' returned exit code 1   MyProject.UWP   C:\Users\USER\.nuget\packages\microsoft.net.native.compiler\2.2.10-rel-29722-00\tools\Microsoft.NetNative.targets   805

Can you please tell me how to use last version of your library in an UWP project with Xamarin.Forms?

Thank you in advance

J-D Gasser

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Update: This has been resolved in Rebex SFTP R5.5. If anyone is still experiencing problems on UWP platform, please let us know!

Disclaimer: Support for UWP in Rebex components is still experimental, mostly due to the ever-changing nature of that platform, and some features might not work. Also, the experimental nature of UWP support means that we are not running our automated tests on the platform and have not tested whether all possible scenarios work as expected. We hope to add full support for UWP via .NET 6.0.

It looks like recent releases of Rebex components broke compatibility with UWP's .NET Native compiler, which seems to be rejecting Rebex binaries. We'll look into the issue and determine what we can do about it. In the meantime, disabling .NET Native via "Compile with .NET Native Tool Chain" option (or UseDotNetNativeToolchain project option) should work around the issue.

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Thank you for your answer.
As submission to Microsof Store does not allow disabling .NET Native, I cannot compile without this option.
My solution was to use version 5.0.745 on my project.
It's a shame because I like to keep the libraries up to date in my projects.
Hope you will find a solution so that we can keep the latest versions in all projects of a Xamarin Forms solution.
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Hello, could you please try this with R5.5, our most recent release?
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Hello Lukas,
Thanks for the comment,
Indeed, it works now, well done!