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Steps: 1. Receive the encrypted email with the embedded image in our application.

  1. Decrypt with the private key of the recipient and view the decrypted e-mail.

  2. Decrypted email does not contains the embedded image. We also check if that image comes as the attachment but that too was not present.

  3. On debugging, just after the email was decrypted, we verify values like Attachments and Resources in the Quick watch and found that both the values are null. Also check the AlternateView and it contains 2 records.

  4. To confirm if this is due to REBEX Decrypt method, we send un-encrypted email with the embedded image and when received in our application, we could find the embedded image as expected. Also, we find that Resource field in that case was not null.

I am not sure how and where the embedded image is stored in the Rebex mail message. Could you please let me know for the resolutions or workaround for the same?

Applies to: Rebex Secure Mail

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Please try running the MimeExplorer sample application (comes with Rebex Secure Mail installation package and can be used to view the message structure - http://www.rebex.net/secure-mail.net/sample-mime-explorer.aspx) and open the encrypted email with it. Expand all the nodes in the tree (decrypt the one that needs to be decrypted) – is the embedded image located in there?