User is denied access without "read" permission to the physical path

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asked 1 day ago by Gromit (130 points)

I am trying to create an upload-only SFTP Server.

But, if I deny the physical path "read" permission to the user, it fails to login:
Rebex permissions

WinSCP error

Server log:

2021-07-21 16:45:37.460 +00:00 [Error] Session 4: Error while initializing subsystem (sftp): nmfqt.pabbe: Access denied.
at nmfqt.kuvgb.ybxbw(String p0, FileSystemOperation p1, FileServerAction p2)
at nmfqt.kuvgb.dobwe(String p0)
at nmfqt.uyjub.nsjsn(nsbrt p0, String& p1)
at nmfqt.ivqkh.lromo(zyjht p0, bqsol p1, String p2, String& p3)
at nmfqt.clxpq.nmfqt.ngxrj.udyux(String p0, String p1, String& p2)
at nmfqt.hfswm.wbirm(String p0, String p1, Boolean p2)

Access log:

164537.459,"",4,"alice","access",["/mount", "Read"]

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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answered 1 day ago by Lukas Paluzga (810 points)

Hi Gromit,

I was able to replicate the issue and will try to come with a solution / fix soon.