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How can I point a user root directory to a network share? I've tried UNC paths, etc and nothing seems to work.

Is this at all possible with Buru SFTP?

Applies to: Buru SFTP Server

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UNC paths work fine, e.g.

buru user add test --password test --rootdir \\workstation\dfs

Please make sure the server account has access to the path specified.

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Not working for me. I have SAMBA share mounted in WIN Server 2019. Tried UNC path, tried mounted path and not working. Running as Administrator, tried service and manual run.
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Hi, please see my other answer and comment which explains the steps how to set Samba share up.
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Since version 2.0 of Buru SFTP server, the correct command is

burusftp user add test --password test --root-dir \\workstation\dfs

Please make sure that the server is running under an account that has access rights to the remote path. If the server runs as a service under default Local System account, that account has no access rights to a remote server. Thus the login attempt using test user from the sample command will fail.

SAMBA shares that have no access for user your Buru service is running under will also fail, since there is no way to provide SAMBA username and password. We'll keep you updated on SAMBA shares that have access for user your Buru service is runnig under, we need more time for setting it up and testing.

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Regarding SAMBA shares setup:
- Buru SFTP Server runs on Windows 10 as LocalService
- On MacOS under a user that has same name as a user Buru SFTP server can impersonate as windows user (i.e. on Windows the user is named 'test' and on MacOS the user is named also 'test', both have same password) allow sharing of a folder our 'test' user has read&write access to (i.e SharedFolder).
- Buru SFTP Server user is set to impersonate that Windows user 'test' (I set it up to Windows (interactive) in Buru Web Admin app)
- Buru SFTP Server user uses \\macname\SharedFolder as physical path to a virtual path

Then connect to Buru SFTP Server using user account set as before.