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asked Feb 27 by AnuragChugh (150 points)

I'm currently accessing Exchange API through OAuth access token.

However I had to select 'fullaccessas_app by using Exchange Web Services with full access to all mailboxes'

Is it possible to restrict the scope of mailboxes in this scenario?

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answered Feb 28 by Pavel Matyska (13,440 points)
selected Feb 28 by AnuragChugh
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Looking to the Azure configuration for an application, if your application runs as a service (or a daemon) without a user, it seems to be the only option. However, if your application should grant access to a user you can switch to 'Delegateds permission' tab, toggle 'EWS' and check 'EWS.AccessAsUser.All' option. Then the user should access mailboxes as configured on Exchange server.

commented Feb 28 by AnuragChugh (150 points)
Although, 'ApplicationAccessPolicy' for Graph API comes in handy.

However, Is there any workaround whatsoever like this for Exchange API ?
commented Mar 2 by Pavel Matyska (13,440 points)
Hello, it seems you are asking about how to set up your Azure account, which is out of Rebex scope. We did not found any workaround for Exchange API.  You can read a documentation about Azure and how to set it up on Microsoft pages.

Since you are asking about user permissions and authorization, you can start here in a section called Application access:

This document might be helpful as well:
commented Mar 2 by AnuragChugh (150 points)
Thanks, appreciated.