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Exception details:
Message: Error while executing request
InnerException: {"Error while executing request."}
Data: {System.Collections.ListDictionaryInternal}
HResult: -2146233088
HelpLink: null
InnerException: {"Error while processing request. Connection was closed by the remote connection end."}
Message: "Error while executing request."
Properties: null
ProtocolCode: null
ProtocolMessage: null
Source: "Rebex.Ews"
StackTrace: " at evtz.Invoke[T](String methodName, Object arg)\r\n at Rebex.Net.Ews.oesw(EwsFolderId gam, EwsItemFields gan, EwsPageView gao, EwsSearchParameter gap, IEnumerable1 gaq)\r\n at Rebex.Net.Ews.hwue.fdht()\r\n at Rebex.Net.Ews.oetj[b](String gbj, Func1 gbk, hwth gbl)"
Status (Rebex.Net.NetworkSessionException): OperationFailure
Status: OperationFailure
TargetSite: {T Invoke[T](System.String, System.Object)}

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The inner exception message describes what happened. Due to long inactivity the server closed the connection, which the client side can detect only by performing some network request. Also by performing network requests periodically (lets say every 30 seconds) using that connection the server should keep the connection alive.

Unfortunately we do not provide any KeepAlive method on Ews client at the moment.