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We have purchased FTP library more than a year ago. Now we have a new requirement to use SFTP as well, side by side with FTP, in the same application.

I'm testing the SFTP library (trial version) in our app, but I can only get either FTP or SFTP working, not both. As I understand, FTP and SFTP rely on shared dlls: "Rebex.Common.dll" and "Rebex.Networking.dll". And even more, each requires some specific version of these. So if I keep older version of shared DLLs, only FTP component works and if I copy over the newer version, only the SFTP component works.

As I understand, we cannot download newest version of FTP library, as the purchase was made more than a year ago. Is there an upgrade option instead of full re-purchase?
OR can we purchase older version of SFTP, which would be compatible with v2.5.6391.0 of "Rebex.Common.dll" and "Rebex.Networking.dll"?


Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL, Rebex SFTP

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you can either buy (new) Rebex SFTP and use its older version, or you need to update your old FTP/SSL by renewing its support contract (recommended).
You can also upgrade your old FTP/SSL to Rebex File Transfer Pack which contains both FTP/SSL and SFTP (plus File Server), so you will always have the same version of both products.
Please contact us on: sales@rebex.net to receive an upgrade offer.