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I have two EC2 servers on AWS.On these two server rebex sftp servers are running.

I want to used network load balancer which will divert trffic based on incoming request by our clients also it will narrow down the sftp failures.Availability of sftp servers increases.

But Network load balancer not working as expected with Rebex SFTP.As sftp server maintain session and keep files in session until user disconnect the connection. So when user authentication done on one server on one request second request for file transfer would diverted to other who doesn't have session created for a user.

Similar way if user connect to sftp and transfer files to SFTP server but disconnect request goes to other server then again SFTP server infinitely wait for disconnect request from a user.

Note:- We want to save file to S3 on client disconnect event.

Is there any way we can handle above scenario?

As we want SFTP server scalable when traffic increases,so can we used AWS Lambda for Rebex server hosting? If load balancer does not worked for us.

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Rebex File Server makes it possible to implement a custom file system on top of S3. This would make it possible for multiple SFTP server instances to present the same file system to the client.

However, we don't think that disconnect requests could go to other server. SFTP is session-based, so the disconnect request would simply go to the server to which the session has been established.