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I am uploading and downloading to server using upgraded rebex library via windows service. This was done as part of the server side upgrade.There is no change made in the connectivity code level . Earlier before the upgrade of rebex dll and server upgrade there was no connectivity issue happening at all times.

Exception coming like target machine refused or connection times out. Also We cannot use network analyser like wireshark or any other in banking environment since it is restricted. We need to show the exact root cause to the customer for this connectivity issue happening in between.Servee team is updating us there is no issue sr their end.

Please update a solution to get this resolved ASAP.

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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Is this the same issue we are already discussing here, or a different one?

If it's a different one, we would need more information.

If it's the same one (you occasionally get "No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" errors while trying to connect to a server), it indicates an issue at the TCP layer. However, you are basically saying that you need know, but you are not allowed to investigate. Unfortunately, we really can't help you with that - you will have to get in touch with someone who can investigate.

Servee team is updating us there is no issue sr their end.

What does this actually mean? Does this imply that they are not aware of any failed connection attempts by your SFTP client? That would mean your packets are not even reaching there server, suggesting the issue is either in the client or along the way. But I would rather not speculate based on vague statements. If they could clarify what they mean by "no issues at their end", perhaps we might get somewhere.

Also, what about the client-side team? Can they investigate?

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Is it possible to track this issue by enabling the rebex communication log in the connection and upload code
If so where should i put the code .is it before connecion code or after it. same way what about in uplaod co9e