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I am using Rebex library version Rebex Components 2017 R6.3 and I also tried by using 2016 R2.2 version of Rebex. I am getting this generic exception while transferring file using SFTP connection to SFTP server. If the file to be transferred is greater than 1 MB then the file is truncated during this transfer and the following exception is thrown :

Rebex.Net.SftpException: Failure; java.lang.Exception.
at Rebex.Net.JBM.AZ(PD N, Type M)
at Rebex.Net.JBM.BE(UInt32 N, JJM M)
at Rebex.Net.Sftp.MIE(BPY N, JJM M, String U, Stream I, Int64 Q, Int64 L, ME O)
at Rebex.Net.Sftp.LUE(BPY N, String M, Stream U, Int64 I, Int64 Q, ME L)
at Rebex.Net.Sftp.PutFile(Stream sourceStream, String remotePath, Int64 remoteOffset, Int64 length)
at SFTPUtility.Program.TransmitStream(Stream source, Sftp sftp, Int32 length, Int32 bytesPerSec, String targetFile) in C:\IC1830\Code\C#\Tools\SFTPUtility\SFTPUtility\Program.cs:line 64
at SFTPUtility.Program.Main(String[] args) in C:\IC1830\Code\C#\Tools\SFTPUtility\SFTPUtility\Program.cs:line 42

Applies to: Rebex SFTP

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The SftpException was raised due to an error status received from the server, and the “Failure; java.lang.Exception.” message itself comes from the server as well. Looks like it’s a server written in Java and it’s error messages is not much describing...

This also means that this is almost certainly a server issue and that the server-side is where to look for it.

Actually, are you able to transfer the same file using any third party client (e.g. FileZilla, WinSCP, Bitvise SSH Client)?