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I was testing this component out, looking for a really fast and easy component to use and didn't have an issue encrypting large files. Speed is important. This component is really nice in those terms and I will be purchasing it soon.

I was search for a new component to replace the built in file.encrypt method in .net. Which has some limitations with files that need to be access from a web farm.

Here's what you can change to make this component that much nicer.

  1. The File.Encrypt method, encrypts the file. It doesn't rename it to a different file. It will be nice if this component did the same thing.
  2. If you can't accomplish the above, there should be an option to delete the old file, after the encryption is done.

Right now, I have to do file.delete(filename). It's not a big deal, but it will be nice if it was built in.

Just a suggestion.

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This looks useful. However, the encryption would not be done in-place anyway (otherwise, if the app was terminated in the middle of encrypting a file, we would end up with half-encrypted file). That means that we would still have to do File.Delete(filename)+File.Move(encrypted, filename) afterwards (sadly, Windows doesn't support POSIX-like atomic rename).

We will consider this, but implanting a custom extension method for the FileEncryption class is the recommended solution for now.