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Is it possible to know in advance when the component trial period will end?

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The installation package includes the application KeyView.exe which will show the expiration date.

You can find the KeyView.exe in the folder with trial assembly dlls. In most cases it's something like c:\Program Files\Rebex\Total Pack for .NET 2.0 Trial\FTP SSL for .NET 2.0 - Trial\bin.


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i get an error while installing the trial , it says %windowtitle%-> KeyView.exe .Net initialisation error

unable to find a version of the runtime to run this application

(i can click the OK button and installation continues)

what i also wonder is,why the TerminalControl isnt added to the Toolbox after i referenced the .dlls maybe it has to do with the above error?

iam using winxp 32bit with sp3

Rebex ssh package for Visual Studio 2010 .net 4.0 32bit

my windows and Visual Studio installation are cute new and freshly installed dedicated for testing Rebex components.

seers K.Arnold from germany

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Do you only have .NET 4.0 installed? It looks like our installer can't handle this. We will look into this issue, thanks for letting us know!

UPDATE: Please download the updated version of Rebex SSH Pack installer from http://www.rebex.net/ssh-pack/download.aspx