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I need to create XML signature file with compactFramework (as xmlsec does using C language and openSSL).
Is it possible with you library do this operation?

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Yes, it is possible to create signatures on .NET CF.

The code looks like this:

// load certificate with private key
var cert = Certificate.LoadPfx(certPath, certPassword);

// set desired parameters
var parameters = new SignatureParameters()
    HashAlgorithm = HashingAlgorithmId.SHA256,
    Format = SignatureFormat.Pkcs,

// compute signature
byte[] signedData = cert.SignMessage(dataToSign, parameters);

// convert binary data to base-64 string
string signature = Convert.ToBase64String(signedData);

However, you are responsible to provide dataToSign for the SignMessage method.

What I know about XML signatures, there is typically specified: normalization for XML, signature format, hash method, etc.