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I am trying to setup an outbound FTP transfer on a network with a Blue Coat proxy server. I am able to connect out using Filezilla and the USER@HOST FTP proxy method. I built a small VB.Net app that transfers the file fine on a network without the proxy. When I tried to deploy it on site I was unable to get through the proxy trying all 4 proxy types. Below is the code I am currently using. Any assistance would be appreciated.

   ' setup proxy details '
    client.Proxy.ProxyType = ASI_FTP.My.Settings.proxytype
    client.Proxy.Host = proxyHostname
    client.Proxy.Port = proxyPort

    ' add proxy username and password when needed '
    client.Proxy.UserName = proxyUsername
    client.Proxy.Password = proxyPassword

    ' connect, login '
    client.Connect(hostname, port)
    client.Login(username, password)

    ' do some work '
    Dim bytes As Long = client.PutFile(localfile, remotefile)
    Me.WriteLog("Transfered " & bytes & " bytes")
    ' disconnect '
Applies to: Rebex FTP/SSL
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Hello Jim,

As far as I know, the Filezilla can provide a communication log. Would it be possible to send this log (demonstrating your successfull connection) to support@rebex.net? We would try to analyze it and send you a reply.

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I was able to get everything working this morning. I stopped using the proxy setting within the component. I am now connecting to the proxy server as my FTP host and passing user@ftphost as my username, and the ftp password as the password.